Instead of going back to Madison yesterday with Tommy and spending time at my job today, I stayed in Milwaukee, played a marathon round of Apples to Apples outside, bought 5 types of cheeses from Metro Market, and took Kermit to Cans. Today I went to Katie's "job" instead of mine and pretended like I was responsible enough to watch a 6 year old and an 8 year old all day long. Within 10 minutes of meeting these little ankle-biters I had been labeled Mr. Green Leprechaun. Five minutes later I had the following conversation:

David: Mr. Green Leprechaun, can Tori come to the pool?
Me: You're going to have to ask Katie that. Katie's in charge.
David: No, God's in charge.
Me: (surprised) You're right. But I don't think he'll respond in time for this.
David: No, God's dead.
Tori: No he's not. He's in heaven.


Alex said...

Why Green Leprechaun?

wb said...

I may have been wearing a green shirt, shorts with some green in them, green boxers (which the kids were quick to point out), green flip-flops, and sunglasses with some green in them. None of this was planned.

schmatie said...

Don't worry, Whitney -- your Lepra-Squid is doing just fine. I checked on him just after 35 minutes of catching tree-jumping children and one tiny bike ride.