A New Year; A Gaggle of New Sweaters

The Barnebey's convened in Huntington Beach, CA for Christmas this year. And by Christmas, we mean New Years. Taylor couldn't leave his new post at Total Wines during the year's biggest week of liquor sales, so we came to him. Afterwords. By yesterday, we still hadn't gotten around to opening the pile of presents sitting in the living room. I was informed that it was important for me to open a couple of mine though. It being Thursday. News Years Sweater Thursday!

Here I am modeling a new winter themed brown half-zip sweater picked out by my mother. I think everybody was suprised by exactly how awesome this sweater is. Then there's that argyle number hanging onto Roxy and I. It came from Evan, and didn't even begin to coidinate with Roxy's gift. A nice fitted plaid button down.

This realization caused the crowd to goad me into putting them both on, with a stripped tie. Here that is, with my new winter sweater and our homemade demi-glace. Have you ever made your own demi-glace? It's a process. First you have to make your stock. Then your Espagnole, and that's not one of the Mother Sauces for nothing. Finally, you get your demi-glace. Don't worry, it's worth the day you spend making it.

Here we all our on our rooftop deck on New Year's Eve. In 1 minute this blue v-neck will become the first sweater of Sweater Thursday 2009.

And finally, after dinner all 14 of us gathered in our sweaters for a family photo. Don't we look insulated?

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