Sm'ked H'ck'ry

I got back from 12 days in California Monday. Madison was nice enough to welcome me home with some light snow, 10° weather, and a bag still stuck in Minneapolis for the night. Luckily, what Madison did not have waiting for me was an Original Hick'ry Pit. That fact is currently my favorite thing about this city.

David and I made the unfortunate decision to walk into this elided crap-basket Sunday night because we were moderately curious about what was going on in there. We should have known better. If its Bayside color scheme wasn't a big enough tip-off, the single digit dinner crowd should have been. This restaurant is not recommended for anyone who likes meat, vegetables, non-downtrodden ambiance, or who has not successfully completed a course in Algebra I. Before I tell you about our "dinning"experience, I'd like to share some reviews I've found on the interwebs with you:

The Campbell Reporter, 1999
That quote needs to be flipped and reversed, Missy Elliot style.

Next up we've got Bobby U. Despite his endearing photo and charming tagline he's an idiot. That food comes so quick because it doesn't take long to open up a can and dump it onto some poor John's plate. And who thinks that wood smoked meat soup sounds good anyway? I'm mostly sorry for his family. 

Angela L.- there's nothing crowded, or tender, in that place except for that waitress's surprisingly well-kept stern end. 

Yes, Nichole W., that dried out pork loin and salmon hued tri-tip... if only the portions were larger.

And now for some good news:

That James C., is exactly what we said.


Lucia said...
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Lucia said...

I need to stop reading your blog at work. Bobby U's post was great - meaning he is most definitely an idiot.
1) I don't think that "kicked back" is actually a phrase
2) his post reminded me to watch the number of superlatives I use since "super yummy", "pretty quick", etc made me really super sick.
3)What is with the "I'm gonna go to the doctor and get crack!" -
a) is there some joke there that I don't understand? because it isn't really that funny.
b) must he use the exclamation mark with that phrase?