Here I Am.

As usual, the weekend in Milwaukee just wasn't enough for me. I stayed Monday, and we won Trivia at The Nomad. I stayed Tuesday and Katie got new ball bearings on her car. Obviously you have to road test new ball bearings. So we drove to Denver (The Sunshine State!). And we brought Kermit!

Along the way, Joanna fed us margaritas and Were-movies in Iowa City. Then we headed west. Do you know how much more boring Nebraska is that Iowa‽ A lot much more boring. Luckily for us there was a wreck on I-80 halfway through NE. Traffic came to an abrupt stop; people immediately exited their vehicles. So we did too. We had made a stop at Art Smarts Dart Mart and Juggling Emporium on Monday afternoon and that was finally paying off for us. We did some juggling in the median, took a couple of jump shots, and brought Kermit out to air out his frog parts for a bit.

I'm not sure which of our antics attracted the attention of the trucker in front of us, but he came over to take a picture. Then he let the frog drive his truck for a little bit. It probably wasn't very safe, but then he did have a laptop attached to his steering wheel. And that can't be very safe either. We told him Kermit would never forget this day and he promised that he wouldn't either.

IMG_2019Turns out he's currently driving across the country with his daughter, and a dachshund. We thought that was the bee's knees. Until we turned around and he had these two baby wieners in his hands. It's hard to imagine something better that could have come out of that truck cab at that moment. Lesson: if you're going to be stuck on a highway in Nebraska make sure you bring your juggling paraphernalia and stop behind a tractor trailer with a litter of wieners hidden inside.

All this dog activity turned out to be really appropriate. In Denver we stayed with Shannon, a Schmaling cousin. She's involved with 2 airedales, and lives in the doggiest neighborhood I've ever been to. We felt a little uncomfortable because we didn't have anything to put on a leash. Our main objective while visiting the Colorado state capital though was juggling in front of large things. As far as large things go, you can't beat this giant chair, topped with a normal sized horse.

Don't worry, this trip is far from over. Just don't expect to see any rafting photos; we just slept through the pre-planned and pre-paid rafting excursion!


Tommy said...

Between shot 1 and the last, when did you switch clothes?

wb said...

In the back of that guy's truck.