25000, 64 Days, 88 GB

My electronic music collection started in the fall of '99 when I went to college and got my own computer. I wish I knew what song #1 was; probably something by The Beatles, or Bon Jovi. Or maybe Boyz II Men. Definitely something with a 'B' though. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive failure in the spring of 2004, my records only date back to May 18th of that year—2 days after graduating from college. In those 5 years I'd added just under 2500 songs to my iTunes library. It took another 6 to increase that by a factor of 10.

Assuming the slightly arbitrary start date of September 1st, 1999, it's been 3,840 days since that original song. Or put another way, an average of 6.5 songs per diem. And that's a startling statistic.

Song #25,000:
Les Yeux Noirs - Django Reinhardt

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Alex said...

Impressive. You should become a singer-songwriter in the mold of Quentin's Tarantino's rise through cinema.

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