Lies & Betrayals

Last Saturday I made a pretty firm commitment to surprise the city of Boston this weekend. I might have been drinking at the time, and have my 4th mustard-colored outfit of the day on, but I was adamant it was going to happen. And on the train too! 

Things that I knew, and was OK with: 
⒈ Amtrak does not come to Madison.
⒉ Amtrak takes 24 hrs. to get from Milwaukee to Boston.
⒊ Amtrak cost $40 more roundtrip than a direct flight.

What I assumed:
⇒ Amtrak has wireless interent.

What I learned Sunday morning:
 Amtrak offers wireless internet on 2 routes—the Downeaster from Portland, ME to North Station in Boston and, just recently, the Acela.
 Assumptions make an ass out of you and Amtrak.

Later Jesse.


Alex said...

So, you coming or not?

wb said...

Negative. I won't travel without Wi-Fi.

Alex said...

I hear some airplanes have it now-a-days.

Rachel said...

You missed out on a 10R weekend.

wb said...

Shut up.

PHiL said...

fruitcovered snails