The Points: Data Driven Alcoholism

There's a new game in town. Or, there was a new game in town last November that hasn't yet jumped the shark. 

Goal: Earn more points than your friends/family members.

Play: Drinking before noon.  Every chance you can. 

1. A player is to be awarded one (1) point for each drink consumed before 12:00 PM local time.
2. Drinks begun, but not finished, before 12:00 PM will also result in the awarding of one (1) point.
3. Drinks ordered before noon shall only be counted when begun before noon as well. If you cared about your standing in this game, you should have ordered it earlier or found a way to inspire faster service.
4. Drinks shall only be considered valid after a player has awoken with the intent of beginning the day. Drinks consumed at the end of an evening, regardless of the possible wee hour, shall not be counted.  Neither shall a drink(s) consumed during an inter-REM period. 
5. While on land or sea, a player shall be considered to have legitimately entered a new timezone at the moment in which they physically cross the internationally recognized timezone boundary.
6. While drinking in the air, a player will be considered to be in the timezone of their departure until one of the following has occurred:
      a. the player has entered airspace directly above, or has landed in, the timezone of which their flight or flight segment will touch down.
      b. in the case of overnight flights, the destination timezone shall be considered legitimately entered at the time at which the cabin lights are re-illuminated, thus simulating the dawn of a new day. NOTE: this is the lone instance in which a player may legitimately be considered in a timezone of which they are not physically in. Enjoy it if you can.
7. Although not required, drinks are traditionally named in an occasion appropriate manner. Strive to fit in.

The current tally has Evan & me battling it out for the lead. When you're ready to begin your own adventure just let me know, I'll add you your own personalized column. Don't be intimidated, even Katie is beating Taylor.

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