Voulez-vous jouer Scrabble avec moi?

Scrabble de Poche - I picked up this little treasure at The House of Thrift last Friday. I couldn't get inside of it until I got home, so I wasn't exactly sure what I was ending up with. Luckily, I like both good gambles and good gambols. Plus, it would've had to have been pretty disappointing to not justify the 99¢ outlay.  

So what was in my little Scrabble packet? One complete French travel Scrabble set. All tucked neatly into a little pouch, perfectly sized to awkwardly fit into those big pockets of your high waisted jeans. Bonus: one more item to add to my growing collection of things manufactured in 1981.

I am missing one R, but I've got two extra blanks to make up for it. And a 10 pt. W. I call that Fair-Trade  Scrabble. Like I always say, "Yes to more expensive Ws!"

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