Patch Peepin'

It's fall, and one thing I love to do during the fall is to peep shit. I'll peep leaves, and lobsters for sure, but I'd never turn down a chance to head out to a patch and peep some pump's. Then this happened. It's like 19th century Ireland all over again.

Luckily there were 8 acres of Dino-themed corn maze to make up for it. You might not be able to tell but there's a T. Rex running away from an attack pterodactyl out there in the maize. Which is actually too much maize for a Saturday morning. We took our free admission wristbands and hightailed it out to the novelty acts; there's nothing that says autumnal like Lady Pumpkins and an old red tractor. What do you think she's looking at? My shoes?

And that tractor out in the apple orchard—perfect for double-sittin'. 

 But old machinery is really only made for two things, laying on and jumping from. Done & done.

What wagon are you riding this fall?
The Chuck Wagon

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