My Sweet Grey-Hund

Greyhound started offering an express service from Madison to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago in December. I think that probably means that somebody from headquarters finally saw a crowd of people waiting by a MegaBus somewhere and decided to get on the bus too. Ha! Anyway, last time I went Minneapolis for a wedding I took the reggie-style 'Hound since MegaBus has a penchant for stopping in Madison at 3:00AM. And that event does not interest me.

So I bought a $9 ticket a couple weeks ago on the Express. Then this morning I bought a $1 return ticket, because I've finally learned my lesson about not buying tickets that cost $1. Even if you're not exactly sure when you're going to want to leave, spend the dollar anyway. It's a dollar. It's worth it.

Things began poorly after I mis-recalculated the time by adding an hour to what my watch was telling me, forgetting I wasn't on the East Coast anymore. Maybe I should start changing my watches when I travel.

That meant I was an hour early and had time to drink an oversized mug of coffee, and tell Darcy how she's been one small disappointment after another. The trip took a turn north when I got on the bus, saw the other 4 passengers, the power outlet between my legs, and logged onto the Greyhound Network. And then actually did turn north on I-94.

Location:Tomah, WI


jeremy said...

Madison to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago...and Hyderabad?

mynda said...

That is a sweet grey-hund. It's so sad to be in Germany and make a 'sweet three-hund' reference and no one gets it. So disappointing.