Christmas is All Around.

Remember Christmas? I do. I've been forcing my family to postpone ours until January for a couple of years now. Someday they'll finally just admit that we celebrate The Epiphany now, '012 isn't that year though. Until then, it's Christmas in January. 

You know what Wisconsin does well though? Christmas. I mean look at this thing. Just the vest of the sweater‽ That's how you do Christmas. Even if I did have to sneak it into the Bolshevik Labour Celebration

It's not a one trick pony though. Not even a one trick pony wearing socks. First there was the Scalon party back in Madison. With the drinking, and the cheeses, and the hung over breakfasts. And the Draper Schwenn. That guy. I don't know what to do with him. 

Except take a picture with him. Cause he doesn't know how to do that yet. And it'll make you fell better about yourself.

Final stop on the Christmas trolley? Fond du Lac. Sorry, the FdL. One of these people is about to leave for Central India. No, it's not the girl in the purple hat.

It's not that dog either. I told her not to kiss me, little good that did me. It took her a while but she eventually wore herself out with all that lap-standing.

After that it was straight up lounging time. Couch lounging, chair lounging, floor lounging. It all happened. And it happened with socks on. Deal with it.

Remember, Big Cola wishes you a 3.30 liter Christmas.

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jeremy said...

but now you have a guest bedroom in central india...