Mobile Gases

The old neighborhood has always had an interesting gas station culture. For a long time we had a 76 up at the top of the hill. Remember 76s‽ With those big orange balls? Weird. That went out of business circa 1991 though, right in the middle of our collective paisley phase. Since then it's tended to change hands every year or two—sometimes it's a name brand, sometimes not. Then a couple of years ago it turned into the first Valero I'd ever seen on the East Coast. That theoretically brought with it a Dunkin' Donuts, but it also only theoretically brought donuts and coffee, since it was rarely ever actually time to make the donuts.

It's not a Valero anymore though, even while the Dunkin' seems to be getting itself together. Now it just has a big black dot on the sign. It might be incorrect to think it's gone rogue again though, there's another Valero-turned-black-dot station nearby. Surprisingly it manages to be slightly more sketchy, supplying neither donuts nor credit card readers, but it may be part of a newly founded gas chain.

Then there's the Costal station up by work. Which still uses Mobile pumps. And stationary. 

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