Sweater Thursday: The New Class

This Monday I went to work. It was weird because I haven't gone to work in a long time, and I haven't gone to a job not at a university since The Year 2000. Also, I went to work in Philadelphia. Because I live here now. What, you hadn't heard? That's because I didn't really tell anybody.

Anyway, I spend my days sitting at a medium-sized desk outside of Evan's office keeping track of intercontinental orders, shipments, and the numbers associated with them. It's not exactly exciting, but it has a salary, and I get to play with spreadsheets all the time. You know what I've always said about me and spreadsheets

More to the point, today was my 1st Thursday of employment. A whole new audience for my sweaters! I forgot to take my camera to work—or maybe I didn't want to be the guy taking pictures of himself so early in my career—so this is not me at my new medium-sized desk. Instead, it's me. At my dad's house. In a sweater. Holding a key fob. Which is the only thing I have to show for my hours of toil so far.

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jeremy said...

jobs and paychecks are good ways to get yourself to india. which would be good.