Philly Phlavors

It all started with this train coming down the track. Google told me that Katie, with a non-transmitting Lynda in tow, were just passing North Philadelphia Station. I was waiting at 30th Street with tokens in hand, it was all perfectly timed so we could walk 5 blocks from the subway to my house in torrential rain. T.A. Milne was just a few hours behind them, perfectly timed to not have to walk in the rain. A reunion! Of Wisconsiners! Intermittently arriving from New York City!

For a change of pace, we went for bier in groƟ glasses. And a rousing game of The Crapples. It felt like old times, except after some time had passed and in a different state. And with some guy who called himself The Meat Man. 
Later, this face turned up. At which point in Madison we would have said, "We should be in Milwaukee so we could go to The Cat." But since we were in Philadelphia we went to The Barbary instead. It had everything—Dancing! Photobooth! A place out back to hide the Crapples Box!

That gleam in Tommy's eye? That's his, "I want to stay up and watch Episode 1 of Friday Night Lights" look. Believe it.

Other things Philly has to offer? Bus stops, stop signs, grass for lounging on while waiting for the bus,  sideways dressers that people misinterpret as something actually exciting... it's all here.


There's also this brewery. It comes with some free beers and a faded 70's feel, complete with giant fans. There's a tour too, but that's not what's important. 
Look at those girls blow!

Katie really only had eyes for this Kenzinger K they're keeping up in their rafters, but I couldn't stop thinking about the body shop next door. Where'd all those bottles come from anyway?
The view from the brewing floor.
How to top off a brewery tour? With a quick stop to that burned out brewery down the street from me, and across from America's first lager. Germans! 

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