WB in WV, with JL & DM

One time Joanna and I moved in parallel lines across the country while Darcy did her own thing and went the other way. That's classic Darcy, but are you getting a load of those lines‽ Who knew that Iowa City was only 6.53 miles further from Fairfax, VA than Madison is from Philadelphia? Remember that next time you're in a map drawing competition, it should help with the always troublesome middle west.

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Later, we all drove from our respective pushpins and met at this cabin in West Virginia. It's sort of in the middle of all of us, but really, are you getting a load of how cabin-y that cabin is? If you're keeping track, that's two loads you should have gotten so far. It was made for Swaying.

Here's something though, I'll admit that I don't know when this thing was built, but I am pretty sure that that sign is a lie.

Which isn't surprising since the town seems to have a fondness for Washington-themed lies anyway—see his "bath tub" below, which they admit in the fine print is only "a modern reconstruction of the primitive conditions prior to 1784". 

It didn't really matter since we all took in some of the presidential water anyway. It was like the opposite of not chopping down a cherry tree. Think about it.

Georgie really did hangout around the area though. Best thing he left behind, besides fewer Indians? Sixteen-year-old-GW graffito. What a rebel. And also a gentlemen. And a soldier. And a surveyor. And a chiseler.

Other sights in West Virginia included this handicapped sand box and a mountaintop Jojo overlooking a partially incapacitated Darcy. 
What are they looking at?

And then also angry mountaintop Jojo.
Look at those furrows.

Bonus Material:

The merry-go-round/centrifuge

"You bore me, Barnebey"

The games, snacks, other snacks, dranks, gummy snacks, other dranks, ROBO-Rally(!), microwaved s'mores. 

What ist this? Still unsatisfied? Well my goodness, to that I say, LOOK AT THESE BONUS JUMP SHOTS.

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Jobonga said...

I love a good recap. I'm still detoxing from all the snacking. I think there's carnuba wax in my gall bladder.
You forgot to list GW as a pursuer of Native Americans. Though he probably would have phrased it as "chasing injuns" on his resume.