Die Deutschen im Scheißeraum

Lately I've been living with a double German threat. That's twice our apartment's normal German level. And about 1.5 Germans more than I'm comfortable with. In addition to The German, our normal German contingent, Die Frau has been living in our basement bunker for the last couple of weeks too. Don't worry, they haven't gassed me yet. But neither does all the German accouterment in our bathroom set my mind at ease when I'm in the shower.

1. Kinder-Creme
You know the saying, "If tin whistles are made of tin, what are Kinder Cremes made of?" I'm basing my translation of 'kinder' on 'kindergarten' and my convenient little translation widget tells me that 'haut' means 'strikes'. Which begs the question, what exactly is this creme's purpose?

2. Sport-Gel
It's not that Sport-Gel is really that strange to see on an item in a bathroom, it's just strange to see it on a tube of toothpaste. I'm usually a shoo-in for new and interesting flavors of tooth products, but I don't think I would ever put a sport-gel in my mouth. Maybe if it was mango-mint flavored. Doesn't a mango-mint toothpaste sound good?

3. Bio-Rose
Bio-Rose. For some reason this absolutely unnerves me.

4. Extra Stark
Because of course the Germans are looking for a hair product to make them as stark as possible.

5. Pflegeöl
This is just funny. Say it, it's funny!


Jobonga said...

Kinder-Creme must be the secret to Martin's perfect skin. Active ingredient: infant marrow. Where can I get some?

Alex said...

Best post of the new domain!