I'll bring the Unagi.

Last weekend I received an email from my brother Evan proclaiming the next Barnebey Family Ethinic Eating Event Sushi Sunday. It went something like this:

I know everyone has been waiting and wondering about the continuation of the EEE machine. There have been some questions about whether an August EEE took place. August was a bit differeent as the Barnebey clan went north and created a ruckus in Maine. The entire week was EEE themed and we have pictures and menus to prove it. That being said...

Next Sunday September 28th has been officially designated Sushi Sunday. The impetus for this event is the Tuna fishing trip being taken by EEE members Taylor, Alonzo, and Larry. So there will be Tuna that has been dead for a handful of hours, what better excuse for Sushi could there be.

Additionally, this is the going away party for Taylor, who has offically worn out his welcome in the tri-state area. So come celebrate the Taylor-free future.

Bring your saki!!
I'm going to have miss the actual tuna hunt, but I'm not going to miss all that freshly caught mercury. Because yesterday I bought a ticket back to Phila. Despite the promise of jugbands and backyard snacking in Iowa City. Sorry Joanna, I hope I didn't make a terrible decision. There's already been some second guessing. My (United) flight from MSN is delayed for 2 hours, meaning I'd miss my (US Air) flight from ORD to PHL. So I got myself onto a(n) (American) flight that leaves in 30 minutes that should get me to Chicago in time for a (United) flight to Philly at 9:15. That means I won't get in until past midnight though, after train service from the aeroporto stops for the night. I had to ruin the surprise and tell Papa Barnebey I was coming so he could pick me up. He's going to try to sneak out without letting my mom in on the secret though.

Also, it's raining in Philadelphia.

On the upside: the Phillies only have to beat the Nationals, and on Sunday I'll be chatting up the fishmonger while he kills a couple of fresh water eels for me.


Jobonga said...

You did make the wrong choice. And I'm going to be really militant about the fun around here, making sure everyone is having it so that I can make you feel regret.
Please give the other Barnebeys my regards.

wb said...

I just got home and snacked on a triple crème, a tasty Blue d'Auvergne, and some Wegmans Triple Fruit Jelly on toast. My fun's already begun.