The Triple Wedding: Part 1

I've been dropping a string of references to The Triple Wedding lately and I'm finally ready to blog it out. Three consecutive weekends, 8 airports, 658 pictures. I promise I won't post them all.

Wedding #1: The Reunion Wedding

The first of The Three, but not the first of the fall, took Joanna and I down to waterlogged Atlanta, GA. We may have each gotten our own invitations to this one but that didn't stop us from signing the guestbook together, or from me trying to match my tie to her autumnal dress (I couldn't). Being the youngest Rochester alumni/ae to get the invites it was a little like freshman year, except with fewer freshmen. And more martinis.

[Ye Olde UofR Attendees]

Usually the amount of alcohol served at this reception would be just the lubricant needed to get the dance floor all a-dance. I know after a waitress told me how good I looked and started filling up anything I was holding with champagne, I felt like dancing. Easiest way to make sure no one dances at your reception? Don't have a dance floor and don't have music. B without A certainly won't do it, A without B might, but both A and B is pretty much a sure thing.

My advice for when you find yourself at such a point: start the auto-tune karaoke while planning the post-reception party out in ATL. Our decision the night before to hunker down in the hotel room over a few Becks(!) and some Crapples2Crapples was suddenly less about the opportunity never arising and more about saving ourselves for the wedding night!

[Things that are sad]

Location: The classics. A big church for the ceremony, a museum for the reception.
Highlights: Joanna, that waitress compliment, reuniting, my bottomless glass
Music: There was no music.
Company: I already knew 7 people, double the number I would know at #s 2 & 3!
Sway: The Mattress Sway, the first Sway off the ground.
Food Discovery: sugar bacon Like regular bacon, but also available for dessert.
On a scale of 1-10 Ws: 7 Ws and a v.

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