There was a time when I thought I was open-minded.

Last week I finally gave in to Facebook's continuing pressure to accepted a friendrequest from some guy I went to college with. Zuckerberg's unabating onslaught of people we both know finally got the better of me and I clicked ok. I should have known better because I already knew he was a vocal Libertarian, and those are people I don't think like. I've de-friended for a lot less than the steady stream of Tea Party and Pro-Bachmann updates my feed has been full of ever since, so tonight I'm finally hitting that big blue button. And it feels so good.


Sealander said...

Now I feel like our friendship is hanging by a thread.

Ms.Caitlin said...

Good for you. Liberating, isn't it? I just downsized my friend list by about 20. I am trying to figure out how to diplomatically delete relatives now. Help?

wb said...

Don't worry Sealander, it's still at least a thick piece of twine. Maybe even an actual rope.

I don't think any of my undesirable relatives know how to use the internet, problem solved!