From Lincoln to Washington: An American Journey

Washington was having a bit of a tourist problem while we were there last week; its outbreak of cherry blossoms wasn't helping anything either. Life may be full of hassles, but I really don't want those things to become one of mine. Luckily we had always planned to do our best to not see anything anyway.  Abstinence never actually works out though.

The Lincoln Memorial is a nice enough building, but really, what're you actually going to do there? Count the columns again? No, you're gonna want to get right in there and sit on its face for a picture. Maybe even do some typing, if you happen to be carrying your portable typewriter. Plus, that'll form a protective buffer between you and them in no time at all.
L E G I S  ⬆  L A T I V E

Next up: W's Obelisk on the Axis. I dare you not to look at it.

Mall Walking, ever heard of it? It's a legitimate form of exercise in America. Get with the program.


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