Resurrection Geography

Did you know that D.C. used to be a perfect 10 miles²? It's not anymore, Virginia officially accepted their side of the Potomac back into the Commonwealth on March 13th, 1847. Back in 1790 though G.W. drew four nice straight lines on a map and then sent out a crack team of surveyors to put a rock every mile, separating out his new Jurisdiction of The United States from Maryland & Virginia. 

Our plan for Easter Sunday—an olde fashioned hunt for the 4 corner stones of Old DC. Which, after a brief period of reflection, was whittled down to—find the northern corner stone of Old DC. So Jeremy got out his maps, put on his headlamp, and we set off on the Metro.

After a series of mishaps in the tunnels below our capital we had successfully run down an up escalator, lost Jeremy 1 or more times, witnessed the near-smashing of a baby in a stroller, found Jeremy, and were on our way to Silver Spring, MD. Our quarry would be just a short ½ mile walk, but first Jeremy & Katie had to be convinced to walk the right direction. It took a guaranteed payment of $20/person if I led them astray to convince them to follow me instead. It's rarely a good idea to bet against my parallel parking or my sense of direction inside of a city.

And then we found it. Inside a little wrought iron fence by the side of a road. Off the beaten path, as well as any other kind of path, and half-buried in accumulated sediment.

The Daughters of the American Revolution could stand to devote a little more time to excavation.
Juris | Mar

We left an egg with a short typewritten note, Jeremy's email address, and a piece of candy inside for the next person who visits. It may or may not be during our lifetimes. 

What kind of stones did you find this Ēastre?

Also, remember this from a couple of months ago? Look at that 170 year old ghost of DC's square still showing up in 2009 DVD rental rates!


PHiL said...

Why did you bring the typewriter? It seems supererogatory.

wb said...

It's a traveling typewriter, you're supposed to travel with it. Also, we had a series of transit related notes that needed typing.