Ever since I saw it done for Wisconsin I've been claiming that more states should be represented by hands. Maybe I just haven't met the right people, but Pennsylvania could work really well. And how else is anybody going to know where Altoona is? Then this post from StrangeMaps popped up on my googlereader with a hand job for both peninsulas. Toché 'Ganders, touché.

So, what other states should be making maps with their hands? Here's couple that already are:
Wisconsin: America's Other Mitten

West Virginia: The Panhandle of Love

Alaska: Have you met my island chains?

Texas: Two for T

Maryland: The Chesapeake Claw

Good for them, but why aren't these guys doing it too? 
Pennsylvania: Penn's Smokestack 

Virginia: This Little Pinky Seceded  

Oklahoma: "Indian Territory, Scout's Honor"

Massachusetts: Welcome to Worcester 

Washington: The Massachusetts of the West

Idaho: Canada's Poker

Hawaii: Five-0

It's time we all start to do the Helen Keller and talk with our hands. Especially you Washington State, you've got a great hand-shape. Get with the program. 


Anonymous said...

the wisconsin hand is poorly crafted.

a true state hand puppeteer would have bent his/her five finger tips back, showing only two rows of knuckles. I think that would be more accurate.

wb said...

You mean like this.

Maybe more geographically accurate, but I've never seen a Wisconsinite do it. So a true state hand puppeteer would never do it either.