Getting Back in the Habit

Spring Break. A once annual celebration. After last year's Spring Break '94, there was at least one other thing to do—Spring Break: Back to Philadelphia. Darcy showed up with her party-culottes on which lead, among other things, to drinking by the train tracks, that picture with Kermit, and a party MVP award. I didn't vote for her, but I've got a good idea about who did. 

Kermit, as usual, was over served.

By the time Katie showed up at beautiful Wayne Junction the lamb had been marinated, the cucumber had been 'tziki-ed, and all the spana was kopacetica. We celebrated Mary's loss of a son, but gaining of a god, with wine, bourbon, and rum from an authentic Englishman. Next time that happens I'm gonna need to get a picture of The Two Evans together.

Why you eyin' my Crapples boxes?

I'll tell you something though. I don't care who died and went to heaven, I'm not gonna not get the gang back together on a day like last Monday. The Philadelphia cast of BikeTUB made a day of it. With Evan, on his cruiser, leading the parade.

Not satisfied by her tour of the basements of historic Northern Liberties, Katie demanded a walking tour of Germantown—birthplace of abolitionism, Bill Cosby, and Monopoly. We sent her out with our leading expert in local history the next day for a tour of the sites literally minutes before the NYTimes guy was there to blow the lid off the whole thing. Continuing in a long Philadelphia tradition though, she and my dad got really close to a lot of colonial buildings but never actually got into to any. Here he is outside of Clivden, cheesin' as always.

Next up on the history list: Gettysburg. Originally scheduled for Wednesday, its postponement to Saturday was voted best decision in '011. In the meantime it was all BALLRs & tilts for us. It's called the highlife, you should try it sometime. But don't actually try tilt. It's terrible.
Livin' It.

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archivnoten said...

I'm pleased with all the Barn-eb-eys and Philadephianess herein - but the one thing I can't get over is the look of Wayne Junction. it's like it's own little time capsule, I would expect to find beanie babies and whatever else was popular in the 90s.