Gotta Gett Gett

This is the story of a journey. A journey in the grand tradition of last year's 1st annual Easter Monument Hunt. A journey to a crossroads of America's history, fraught with obstacles and detours, but ultimately ultimately ultimate. Don't read that again, just think about it. This year: More monuments! More commonwealths! So many more Addresses!

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Delayed from a mid-week jaunt, we now had the whole of Saturday for jaunting en route to G-Burg. Conveniently there's a mass grave of Irishmen on the way, perfect for jaunting on or around. That PA historical sign is easy enough to spot off the side of the road in Malvern, but nearby isn't good enough. We had it on good authority that there was an unmarked stone memorial around as well. Which sounded right up our alley.

After faithfully following our directions of "a couple blocks north on Sugartown Rd., by the railroad tracks", we ended up  here:
Physical Whiney/Virtual Whitney
Both physically, and metaphysically, lost. And very unsure about what an unmarked stone memorial would actually look like. We definitely would not have wandered the 50 yards down the overgrown dirt trail along the tracks but for one thing—foursquare, which has recently become a part of our lives. I couldn't wait to check-in to my first gravesite, and who knew there would be an accurate geo-tagged location just waiting to guide us right to this puppy? I for one, was surprised.

Let the jaunting begin! But also, see if you can read that big red sign. Because it doesn't agree with the state sanctioned one out by the road. Black diphtheria does sounds terrible though.
1834 - Black Diphtheria

Don't these tracks just make you want to lie down for a bit‽

Perfect for when you're having that really bad day.

What else does south central PA have to offer? You mean besides the Amish and their 6 horsepowered plows?

There's the town of Intercourse, which not only has this sign, but the American Military Edged Weaponry Museum too.

Jazz Blades.
I wish I could tell you that we were not those people who kept ending up standing next to something awesome, both on our iPhones, but then I'd be lying to you. Here's the thing though, this trip would've never shaken out without our mobile computing and mapping power. Here's another thing, all those location services we were using really get the old lithium ions flowing. After acting like we could continue on with only a single Apple product functioning at 17% power for a couple of minutes, we pushed the button at  the Lancaster Best Buy and plugged back in. It was like an helpful Indian guide had just given us 3 sets of clothing, 2 wagon tongues, AND 500 bullets. We were off! To York!

York, PA claims to be the First Capital of the United States, but that's only because the Continental Congress headed out there for a couple of months while the British occupied Philadelphia. They did adopt the Articles of Confederation and sign the treaty with France there though, so that's sorta a big deal. To commemorate the latter event the Marquis de Lafeyette stands by the old courthouse drinkin' a brew, chattin' up the ladies, always ready for a little grab ass.

And finally, The Gettysburg. Surprisingly full of people and at least one pastor with a sense of humor.

We started our tour on Cemetery Hill. Which looks exactly like you think Gettysburg should look. Little stone walls and all.

Are you getting a load of that sky, and of that TREE‽

What with the cannons, both to the left and to the right of us, the logical step was to get onto them. Katie went for the tried and true Facedown method.

This picture captures the moment in which I said, "Get a picture of me working the cannon! Oh wait, I don't know how to act like I'm working a cannon."

Across the street at the National Cemetery is the address site, covered by Kentucky's monument now.

Mead, on a horse. Whitney & Katie, not on a horse.
Some Civil War math:
Killed: 15
Wounded: 80
Total: 95
Looking out across the battlefield gave Katie the opportunity to reflect on Pickett's Last Nap.

And then reenact it.

Oh, sorry. That should be in sepia.

Even more facedown.
This rock came from Massachusetts. It makes me want to go to Massachusetts and steal all their rocks. I've never said that before. 

This bugler may not have been our first hint that something bigger was going on here, but it was the most straightforward. Doesn't that look right?

And then we came upon Pennsylvania's memorial. And that guy at the mic said, "Welcome to Gettysburg's celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War." Turns out that it's going to go on for all 4 years of the war, so there wasn't actually a whole lot happening. But there were all those people dressed up like old timers, and that baby dressed up as a little white dog, so that was pretty awesome.

After awhile we left and walked across the farm lands. Then I leaned against this barn and Katie took my picture. Later we got Chinese food. And it felt good.

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