"Chickens Don't Clap!" - Buster Bluth

Arrested Development brought a lot of important things into our worlds. Tobias' cat-like agility; Lucille, Lucille 2, and the Loose Seal; the (former) Bob Loblaw Law Blog; that kid who found a severed hand — all amazing TV moments. But sometimes, it's early on a Sunday morning, that sleeping you just did has been making you thirsty, and you need to see all those chicken dances again. You don't remember which episodes they're in, but surely google will know. Go ahead, try to google it, it won't help.

It's unclear to me why nobody has compiled a definitive set of the Bluth Family's physiologically inaccurate chicken taunts yet, and more importantly, tagged it in an appropriately manner. This is why we have the internet after all. Without further ado,

A Bluth Family Chicken Dance Treasury:

Episode 1.15 - Staff Infection (a.k.a. "Chickens don't clap!")
☞ We see Gob's impression for the first(?) time when he accuses Buster of cowardice at the construction site. Buster makes the accurate observation that chickens do not in fact clap.

Episode 2.3 - Amigos! (a.k.a. It's not the same in Mexico)
☞ We find out that Gob's chicken impression is a much more inflammatory gesture in Mexico.

Episode 2.9 - Burning Love (a.k.a. And your little dance, too.)
☞ Gob does a subdued version of his dance on the Segway due to prior injury.

Episode 2.10 - Ready, Aim, Marry Me! (a.k.a. "Those aren't even birds.")
☞ We see Lindsay's impression for the first time. Michael makes the accurate observation that neither his brother's nor his sister's impressions resemble a bird.

Episode 2.17 - Spring Breakout (a.k.a. Lucille in flight)
☞ Lucille, drunk at 1 PM, taunts a possible investor with her chicken impression, by far the most chicken-like of the family's.

Episode 3.2 - For British Eyes Only (a.k.a. Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken)
☞ The pièce de résistance. The Holy Grail of chicken dance. George Sr., Lucille, Lindsay, Gob in a chicken mask. Michael accurately observes that it doesn't seem like any of the Bluths know what a chicken looks like.

Episode 2.7 - Switch Hitter (a.k.a. The Tweety Bird)
☞ We learn that even as a boy Gob had difficulties imitating fowl.

Vocals: cok ca-cah!
Characteristics: forceful clapping, strutting, spinning

Vocals: cha chee-cha chee-cha
Characteristics: one waving hand above head à la cockscomb, one hand on hip, one flailing leg to alternate sides

Vocals: a-coodle doodle do
Characteristics: derisive flapping of arms, slight bouncing motion

George Sr.
Vocals: coo coo ca-cha!
Characteristics: random arm positions on 'cha!', often a single lifted leg in addition


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"Treasure Trove" comes to mind.

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best compilation EVER.

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