Frog of My Heart

Get in the overhead compartment, baby.
On the way back to Philadelphia Kermit had to ride in the overhead bin. It was his first time up there. I'm pretty sure those things aren't airtight, so he should have been fine, although he may have shifted during flight. I wish I had gotten this email from Jobonga earlier:
Nice. I dare you to press the call button and ask for a tumbler of ice. If Kermit is with you, say, "It's for the frog."

CIMG0031The next item on the frog's itinerary was in Charlottesville, VA. He ended up coming along, but not without some kicking and screaming first. 

I don't know what his problem was, he loves parties. And he really needed to get some sun on his frog parts. We took him for a ramble around the UVa campus between ceremonies and it seemed to do him some good. 

By the time we had to hotfoot it over to the Hindu portion of he evening he was his old bubbly, touchy self again. Which was nice, but as it turns out, it's really not that hard to be green after all. He was even going to come to the reception later. He ended up passing out instead. 

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