Sweater Road

Sweater Road

It's been a hard day's night. I don't usually count my sweaters, I've got Joanna for that, but oh(!) darling, something's really happened here. This current round of sweatering has been going on since October, which means we've been through a lot of knitwear together. By now we've been here, there, and everywhere; but now here comes the sun. Barring any mid-May cold snaps, this feels like the end of my '08-'09 Sweatering Season. It'll be nice to not carry that weight of organizing these photo shoots every week anymore; it's hard to get us all to come together sometimes. I'll miss the sweaters though. And the camaraderie.

To finish this up I put on four of my v-necks that haven't made it out on Thursday yet this year— a blue, a heather grey, a black, and an eggshell. Or maybe it's a taupe. Who cares.

You've seen two of these sweaters before, either in an array of sweaterness or back in the days of Scrabulous.

# of Frames: 34

Here Comes The Sun

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Tommy said...

This is indicative of why you're not finished with your PhD yet.