Frankfurter Friday

In the continuing tradition of Ethnic Eating Events, last night was Frankfurter Friday at the B2G2 (The Barnebey's Beer Garden & Grille). You may be asking yourself right now, "Is Frankfurt really an ethnicity?". Maybe, maybe not. The important part is it alliterates with a day of the week, and it gave me a really good excuse to recreate The Dogg Haus in my parents' backyard.
I obviously started off with a Wisconsin Dogg and I think that's Evan stuffing a Sante Fe into his mouth. There were only more sausages to come.


At last count, the grill had smoked 10 varieties of meat in stick form, 14 toppings had been topped, 4 cheeses had been cheesed, 8 polkas had been polka-ed, 4 boots drank, and 6 (cole-)slaws slawed. Monday is Montego Monday.

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DarcyM said...

Those look much better than I anything I could have offered you in the CT.