Et tu Whitné‽

Have you ever felt like everyone's against you? Like the world's just out to get you? I don't think I have. Usually I feel like the world is letting me get away with something; which it usually is. Until Karma comes knocking on my door making to collect, that is. That's scary like a Monday morning. It's even worse when she shows up with a dead tree in her hand under a gray winter sky. Creepy.

On another note, last night I felt like I had stabbed myself in the heart when I realized I had just bought a huge canister of decaf coffee. What was I thinking? Why would I do this to me?

The last time you saw this sweater I was bald; so much has happened on my head since then.

# of Frames: 54


Jobonga said...

Amazing. The sunglasses make bottom Whitney look like a vampire. Hence the stakes aimed at his heart.

Tommy said...

As much as I hate to praise you, this is the best picture from any source I've seen all week.

wb said...

I've actually been considering getting kicked out of school and starting a sweater photography business.

Scarlet said...