You Spin Me Right Round, Baby. Right Round Like a Sweater, Baby.

Cannon Sweaters(color mix bw face)

From my continuing series: Better Know a Cannon. This one's on the other side of the park. It's on a slight rise, a grassy knoll if you will. It's really quite pleasant. Halfway through this photo shoot some guy got up from the park bench at the bottom of the knoll. He'd been sleeping. I'm not sure if he was a homeless guy or a college kid taking a nap. It was only 16℉ at the time though, so probably homeless.

I've calculated my angular velocity. ω ≈ 6π rad/s

You can't see it, but this flag is at half-mast. I think it must still be down from last week, which is the latest reference to half-masting on the State's website. It seems like someone should have done something with it in the past 8 days.

# of Frames: 51

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