Vocabulary Review: 2/27 - 3/2

2. The remains of a rat or mouse killed by a snapping trap OR A flying squirrel nest
3. Pertaining to the intestines OR An unsuccessful split in Russian ballet
4. A container used to hold ham OR The last flash of a camera's timer light
6. Of or relating to the 1st branch of Government OR A ghoulish taunt typical of non-jumping zombies
8. A poor attempt to whistle loudly OR A foot treadle on the first sewing machine
10. A friendly term used towards an older man OR A hard green cheese made from skim milk
12. An alcoholic drink consisting of equal parts whiskey and goat's milk OR A colloquial term used to describe poorly synthesized methamphetamine

1. Bleeding out on the operating table, resulting in death OR Not able to look someone in the eye
5. Overripe rotting fruit OR Cloth used to wrap around a toga
7. The prominent erect ears desirable in many breeds of terriers OR A nocturnal schnauzer breed capable of flight
9. More meaty OR A sheep-shearing mechanism
11. The Jewish dance crazy that swept Israel during the summer of 1993 OR to shuffle about in sloppy old shoes


Jobonga said...

I hope that this is what you did instead of registering for classes today. The quality of your blog content is inversely related to the progress grad school makes in slowly killing you.

schmatie said...

I'm juffling with some schnauzer-bats right now.

Sealander said...

Maybe you can just make splanchnic etymology a chapter of your thesis.