In Which Crosswords are Conquered

On Friday I spent 3+ hours in a car without music. It sounds terrible, but it wasn't really.  I had ten 1 oz. servings of Flaming Hot Cheetos and two and a half 8 oz. servings of Wild Cherry Pepsi [left] to keep me company. Also in the car I had 1 friend plus T-Pain, although we wouldn't realize until later that we were never actually on a boat.

During the ride I completed the Thursday NY Times crossword. It required enough corrections and/or rewrites to render most of the grid illegible, but it is all there. Even the cheesy geography theme clues:
  • 17A: Eco-friendly in Las Vegas? (Green with NV)
  • 26A: Omaha's waterfront during downpours? (NE port in a storm)
  • 44A: First-place finishers in Bangor? (ME Award-winners)
  • 59A: Jogging atop Great Falls? (Running on MT)

On the heels of that accomplishment came today's Monday puzzle, which I did in green. Monday's are easy puzzles in the grande scheme of things, but this puzzle is the first in my 7 years of NYT subscription that I can remember having completed any puzzle without mistakes. I'm glad it finally happened, I'd been starting to obsess about why it hadn't happened for me yet. Now I can just relax and enjoy it. This one happened to include both of the following: 
  • 20A: Fix part of dinner with lettuce, carrots, peppers, etc. (Toss a Salad)
  • 58A: Prepare to camp (Pitch a Tent)


Tommy said...

"1 friend plus T-Pain"? Does this mean I'm not a friend?

wb said...

No, Personal Rapper.