It hurts a little inside.

I realized this afternoon in my 3 hour Semantics seminar that today is Joe Curtosi's birthday. Joe Curtosi was my best friend during the 8 years of middle and high school. Then I went to college. The last time I actually hung out with him was January of 2002, after getting home from Egypt. Turns out, not living in South Philadelphia is not conducive to maintaining friendships with your friends from South Philly. The upside is that not living in South Philly is conducive to not getting married and not becoming a parent.

Anyway, I was sort of excited when Curtosi joined Facebook this past January. Is there some way to go back and see who friended who? I think he asked me, but I can't remember now. I know I wrote him a message though when it happened, which is much more personal than a wall post. He never wrote back. I didn't even really notice that, I do it all the time. But today, while sitting in my Semantics seminar, I realized he had also de-friended me; there had been no birthday reminder.

I checked when I got home. Yes, he's still on Facebook. No, we are not friends anymore.


Jobonga said...

Well at least now when he googles himself he will know about your feelings.

Tommy said...

My best guess is that he's in jail (judging from the picture), and doesn't want to be reminded of the good ole' days.

wb said...

Actually, I googled him upon Jojo's suggestion. The Cheese Rind comes up first, but second is a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, which I'm pretty sure is him.

Alex said...

Who is the vixen on your arm? Nice NHS collar.