It's not how old you are, it's how old you hear.

Train Horn
Created by Train Horn

My ears are leading the life of a much younger set of hairy fluid filled tubes. The Mosquito [above] is easy, and only buys me a couple of years at best. This nice little range of tones proved that I've got sensitivity up to at least 18 kHz. And thanks to this handy graphic from the NY Times, I figure that places me somewhere around a typical Miley Cyrus fan. Unfortunately, it does not allow me to compare myself to an average 25-29 year-old.

Maybe it's just a result of increased aldosterone production, but I like to think it's a reflex of a broader leitmotif running throughout my genetics. One thing I know for sure is that it relates to my evolved mandibular situation: no wisdom teeth, one 12 year-old molar. Take that tooth decay!

In conclusion:

Vision: perfect. 
Hearing: acute as a fennec fox.
Taste: refined.
Smell: untested.
Touch: no, thank you.
Teeth: 25

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