Last modified: July 18th, 2002

There are very few charms to the Windows 95 Operating System. The boot chime is ok, and I hear it plays a pretty good solitaire, but I'd take OS 8 anyday. Even so, I was sort of excited to find out what was holed up in this old school ThinkPad I found.
[Look how big that serial port is!]

It came with all the latest accessories:

a modem for the internets

CompuServe, AOL, MS-DOS

and as far as I can tell it was last accessed on or around the 18th of July, 2002. That was the day this 'untitled' doc was created:

Who wrote this? And why did they just leave it on the desktop? Or even, why weren;t they busy spectrogramming some sound files instead of spending time designing this rad geometric greeting card? I left an untitled_1 document of my own. I hope they still have webdings in 2016.
[Hello from 2009! Are the honeybees gone yet?]

As it turns out, this thing won't even be good for reading that pile of 3.5" floppies I found in a bottom drawer.

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