Movin' On Up

The lab I work at on campus moved this month. Our old home, Hiray Hall, is getting torn down along with Unon South to make way for something new, so we moved into the old UHS building on Old University. Google tells me they are both exactly 0.5 miles from my apartment, although it will take me 1 minute longer to walk now. As a trade off, I have my own office. And I get to work in a building built in 1950 as a children's psychiatric hospital.

This is our hallway. We have 2 sinks and one non-functioning water fountain. As of yet we have had no word on its permanent status. You may recognize this pink tile if you've ever been to my apartment; it is an exact match of our bathroom tile, minus the pink flamingo accessories. I guess they would be sort of unprofessional, but I still think it would be nice to add a couple around the office. Maybe I'll just put one in the Single Stall Bathroom.

I was originally really excited about this men's room. I'm the only male working at our lab currently and I thought I'd have this cozy spot all to myself. Unfortunately we share the bathrooms with the lab on the other end of the hall, so I will have to lock the door after all. The single stall doesn't worry me though. If the worst does come to pass I at least have a discrete method of disposal. I wonder how many soiled little baby hospital gowns have been thrown down there?

Directly across from the linen chute is one of 2 elevators in the building. Both have indicators from 'B' to '7'  on the wall next to them. There are only 4 floors in the building. Every time I walk by them I check to see what floor they're on.

We're still in the process of unpacking the 115 boxes of stuff we brought with us. Last week I came across this little gem that's left over from our work with the baby Hmongs. If I had found the stagecoach that goes with it my afternoon would have been even less productive.
As it was, I spent some time playing with this late '90s ThinkPad I found in the back of a filing cabinet.

Other benefits of the new office:

big windows/not working in a basement

the non-pink floor tile


Jobonga said...

I love this. You are like a hamster in a new cage. In all the excitement, you may have stuffed the stagecoach in your cheek pouch so check there.
Obviously you are going to hang at least one of your blown-up faces on your new wall?

wb said...

I might put it in the bathroom with the flamingoes.