Tangled Up In Blue Sweater Vests

On January 23rd (significant for other reasons) I became eligible for Verizon's New Every Two program. I approached this opportunity with both excitement and trepidation. Phone decisions are hard; carriers, phones, plans, it's information overload. And of course there's the iAllure to deal with. I finally decided to go with the LG Dare/VX 9700 a.k.a 'It's Not Me, It's uPhone' [right], ending my long commitment to silver flip phones [below].
[Samsung a310 a.k.a. 'The Doorbell', c. 7/2003 - 5/2005]
[LG VX 8000 a.k.a. 'The Dancer', c. 5/2005 - 3/2007]
[LG VX 8700 a.k.a 'The Silver Nugget/The Celebrity Phone Twin', c. 3/2007 - 1/2009]
I'm a divided man at the moment [above]. Do I go with the new, the flashy, The Dare, and get into another 2 year contract? That's a long time to commit for a non-Apple product. Or do I stay with my Silver Nugget, living month to month until something else comes along? I have 27 days to decide.

# of Frames: 33


Tommy said...

as lame as it was at the time, I do miss the Dance-Offs between all of our phones.

Alex said...

That hair? You turning hipster on us?