Limburger‽ I don't even know her!

My Cheese of the Month delivery arrived yesterday and proudly proclaimed itself to be "for Valentine's Day!". Along with a wedge of Farmhouse Cheshire and a chunk of red pepper cacio de roma was a 1/2 lb. brick of limburger. Really? Limburger for Valentine's Day?

My defining limburger memories come from the ill-fated experience David and I had with a bottle of limburger we bought from Ghetto Weg's, c. 2002. It was a terrible decision and I think we're still both slightly embarrassed by our youthful naïvité. I wish I could move on, but that 'cheese' still haunts my dreams on occasion. And it still makes me very hesitant when dealing with even well respected limburgers like this one from Wisconsin. Luckily I have 4 months to get up my nerve. 
I already know what mustard I'll be using, I just need to stock up on pumpernickel and liverwurst.

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Alex said...

Is it really that bad? I should make a foray to WI just to try it. A 0.5 lb is a lot.