Jobonga sent us a really powerful link this morning last night. It was meant to give us some new T shirt Tuesday ideas. I'm thinking the EX-hypocrite one might be for me, but this poem, "dedicated to those struggling with masturbation", also really spoke to me.

Frustrated with Myself.
I did it again.
Like a crack addict addicted to crack,
I am addicted to myself.
Seeking quick fixes.
Temporary highs with devastating lows.
Trying to satisfy the lust of my flesh,
With solo trips,
With solo voyages,
In darkness.
Despite disgust, guilt, shame, condemnation.
Knowing what I'm supposed to do,
Continuing to do what I'm not supposed to
Like Paul in Romans 7.
Justifying my sin because of the lesser consequences than fornication.

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Tommy said...

this sounds like some Catholic guilt at work here. It's like they read my mind.