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[Episode 1: Lil Mama goes funk-prep]
[Episode 2: My Lil Biker]
[Episode 3: Mamacita]
[Episode 4: Be sure to adjust your own mask before assisting others]

I hope you've been watching ABCD. Season 3 got started a couple of weeks ago and all I've been thinking about is how much I love having Lil Mama back in my life. I don't know why she's such a huge Beat Freaks Fan, or why she's not wearing her bedazzled baseball caps anymore, but her little nuggets of hard wisdom really make me want to bring it too. Also, I once received a text from Tommy on a Wednesday night that read simply:
Facts: Lil Mama's favorite Teletubby is Po, and she eats Fruity Pebbles every morning.
And I liked that too.

Not to worry if you've missed out so far, the full episodes are all online. Here's a quick run down of where we stand coming into week 5:

G.O.P. Dance  (i.e. Group of Peace Dance) - Just forget about these peaceniks now. Eliminated on the first show while trying to combine salsa and breakdance. It didn't work and they got sent back to the streets of Puerto Rico.

Boxcuttuhz - These guys win for both worst team name and worst girl dancer. That and the fact that they're a bad imitation of Kaba Modern didn't keep them around for long; the 2nd crew to pop, drop, and lock it into the the dance garage and talk to Layla Kayleigh about their post-ABDC futures.

Team Millennia - Fittingly, the 2nd worst team name and the next to feel the wrath of JC Chasez. Millennia? Really? You're the team of the entire millennia? Or did you just name yourselves sometime around 1999? Anyway, despite some good acrobatics the first week they landed in the bottom two two weeks running and their rendition of "Me Against The Music" finally got them the axe. Britney and Madonna had nothing to worry about from their ungainly cane twirling routine.

Ringmasters - the bonebreakin' Brooklyn crew lead by Nugget was set to be this years Status Quo. But with too many tricks and not enough dancing, BANG!, they're out too. I hope Lil Mama handled it ok. She broke down and started moaning about how hard they were representin' Brooklyn during the first show. That was awkward for everybody.

And that brings us to our 5 remaining crews:

Strikers All-Stars - a group of steppers from Florida A&M. Their "2 Legit 2 Quit" won me over this week.

Dynamic Edition - the cloggers from down home Alabama. They're the novelty act, and they're good. Just like Break Sk8, my favorite crew ever.

Fly Khicks - Former Miami Heat dancers. They almost went home in the 1st week but lately they've been bringing it. Mainly with they're asses and how much they shake them.

Beat Freaks - The Lady Breakers. Everyone's excited because they're girls. And they're not called Fysh N Chips. And one of them did a head spin. So what.
Qwest Crew - These guys fill out the required Asian Crew spot, but this time with an Asian with a British accent! They're Jabbawockeez good, and should probably win it. They did a move the 1st week where as D-Trix was flipping up from the floor, Ryan flipped over him while Hok was sliding backwards under him. Sick. And watch for the "shablam" in week 3. You'll like it.


schmatie said...

Qwest Crew will totally win. There are two guys from from So You Think You Can Dance on that team -- the British Asian (Hok) and the Fake Asian (D-Trix, whose name is actually Dominic and he's Latino). The clogger guy (the only one in the group) tried out for and then was featured on SYTYCD, too. How have seasons 1 and 3 been SO good and season 2 was god awful?

Lil Mama makes me want to be a better person. Her passion is what gets me out of bed in the morning. WWLMD?

Anonymous said...

I am so obessessed with this show - thank you for your excellent insight!

Tommy said...

"We are talking about Michael......Jackson. (finger wag)Michael. Jackson....Michael."