Postal Propaganda

Our apartment gets a surprising amount of right-wing mailings given our demographic surroundings, political affiliations, and personal beliefs. I came across a pile of some that I had been saving while cleaning today.
The out of focus background, the stark colors, the slightly askew headline... Terror, without ever actually saying anything.

I like this because of the implied timeline. The Weather Underground was apparently stopped in 1970 when that bomb exploded prematurely, even though the bombing of the Capitol, Pentagon, and NYC Police Headquarters they're talking about all happened after that, and then Ayers "became a friend, colleague, and supporter of Barack Obama." Despite Obama being 7 years old and living in Indonesia at the time.

That house isn't Obama's, and it doesn't seem to be the row house at 1329 E. 50th St. where Ayers lives. So whose house is it? Is it where their social circle meets? I don't get it.

I think I got this because I'm a member of the NRA. I can't decide if I'm glad the US Navy doesn't know that I've already earned a bachelor's degree or worried because they haven't figured it out yet.

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colleenzo said...

I have issues with the typsetting in so many of these mailers. Apparently, radical conservatives make horrible graphic artists.