Baloney 451

Anna came across this show last night. Originally we thought it was on channel 16, our God Channel, but that seems less likely now that I realize that while EWTN may be concerned with the same god, they're talking about different prophets. And, possibly, different processed meats. So it must have been channel 17, CMS-Madison, which is part home shopping, part exercise science, part bowling. And also doesn't have a functioning website. Maybe that's why they programmed a full hour of god-themed baloney grilling. 


Sohail said...

Allah Almighty(God)is one and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) is the Last prophet send by the Creator(God) .If people who follow this religion(Islam) don`t have faith on all the prophets of Allah Almighty,Holy Books reveled by Allah Almighty,all the angles of Allah Almighty and day of judgement that will be created by Allah Almighty,when this whole universe will come to an end and all the human who died from the time of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him)till the last human born,will get alive again to face what they have done their whole life,If this belief is not their ,a person can not be a Muslim.
With different meat,slotter animal from the thorat helps to clear all the blood in the body so no germs remain in the meat and Pork is not allowed to be eaten because it`s a walking dustbin which can save his food as fats in his body for less then 5 hours.I hope this mighty give you a small hint about what they were trying to express in their views.
Kind Regards

wb said...

ThanksSohail.Does grilling the dustbin make better or worser?