Dear Internet,

I know you've probably been worried about me, it's been awhile. What have I been up‽ Where have I been riding my bikes‽ What have I been jumping off of‽ And why haven't I been using my camera more often?

Before we get to any of that, I need you to look at this picture. It's been sitting on my desktop since our visit to Eastern State Penitentiary 2 months ago. Where did they get those tiny doll clothes, and what is that fan plugged into? And how does this relate to the Army of the Twelve Monkeys? These questions may not be keeping me up at night, but they are occupying my time.
"Unidentified inmates pass the time, c. 1955. The meaning of their project has long been forgotten."

In other news, despite Joanna's and my vastly different approaches to risk-taking, specifically regarding UV-A/B, we both show up as the same color when we're in Milwaukee dancing.
I am at least twice as likely to injure myself while playing Dizzy Bat though.

And finally, I'd like to leave you with a sobering note I received in the mail last week:

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mynda said...

Sweet jacket JoJo.