A Camera Returns Home (eventually...)

Today I got amazing news. Alex Rosemblat called me to tell me that my camera had been regained. It has had a long and complicated journey; a journey that is not over yet. Below is a brief graphical representation:

[Update: as of last night (1/31/08) the camera was in Alex's possession.]


fuzzy j said...

I'm very offended that I'm not included in this drawing.

DarcyM said...

What is the tooth necklace about? Is this person a cannibal?

wb said...

You're right, you were present during the theifing at Soussi. That scene was getting cluttered already though so I had to make some cuts. I thought about trying to include the pink camera as a secondary plot line, but couldn't make it work.

wb said...

They may be, but more likely they were just trying to get laid. I think it was a lion's tooth by the way.

And actually, now that I think about it, that definitely wasn't Juan wearing it. Earlier in the night there was some greasy haired arab(?) guy there wearing a lion's tooth around his neck. He may or may not have claimed to have killed the lion himself. Alex probably remembers his name. I think I just really wanted to include the fact that there was a tooth necklace being worn in my diagram, so I transposed it onto 'Juan'.

DarcyM said...

Do people think wearing teeth will allow for efficient acquirement of tail? Seems like the wrong end of things. Next time, lion's tail belt or something.

Alex said...

Hahahah. Whitney, that half-glass of Jager must have done you in that night! I like your artistic depiction of me. It's spot on, but you look like an alien with a yellow head.

The guy with the lion's tooth was this Lebanese guy living in Liberia named Jamal. He considered himself to be the hottest thing in the room, and I bet, thought that the camera would roll into slow-mo with an arabic woman chanting in the background anytime someone looked at him.

He gave me some weird spiel about how Lebanese people were the Phoencians, and they were destined to forever travel around the world on the "triremes of any age."

Your problems really started when Ivis and the Artful Dodgers rolled up and took their seats, and your camera.

I just need to set the story straight. Obviously, none of this would have happened if you had just brought your ID!

wb said...

I really wish I had remembered my ID.