This morning I read a review of the Brasserie V in the Capital Times. This was a welcome reminder that I had been remiss in relating an important moment in my blog career. Some may remember a previous post of mine concerning the Brasserie. This was not a favorable post. In fact, I may have said some things in it that, while true, were not nice. You may also remember my post about Karma, and what it will do to you.

With this in mind, our story begins on a Friday morning somewhere just south of Baltimore, MD. I was going to D.C. to visit the A-Dog (A.K.A. Rosie, A.K.A. Blats) for the weekend. My dad was driving since the parents had decided to come down for the day (my mom had been dying to see the National Museum of the American Indian) and then take the train home that night, when Martin called from Madison. He was packing for D.C./Puerto Rico, which is unimportant, but he and Yana had just been to The Brasserie V. Which is important. As it turns out, the bartender/co-owner/prime douche at the V remembered Martin and Yana. This is surprising since they had only been there once, 3 months ago. He also remembered that other friend of theirs, and that blog he wrote about the place. Which of course is me. And my blog.

This is huge. Other than the fact that I'm not welcome at the Brasserie anymore (he's worried about that fight that Tommy promised), which I don't really see affecting my life in any measurable way, this is amazing. He said that my blog negatively affected his business! That's right, my blog post had a real live effect on the rest of the world! Bizzle.

This is where Karma cuts in to dance. After hanging up with Martin I relate the story to moms and dads. I feel powerful. I then immediately realize that I have left my wallet in Phila. (I also realize that I'm just outside of Baltimore, which is almost as bad as realizing you're in Jersey, but that wasn't Karma's doing). I feel small, and helpless. That night my camera is stolen (maybe). I feel angry.

Epilogue: After reading a number of reviews of the V today, it looks like they're doing pretty good business now. My post on the place (which I think must have been one of the earliest) has now been relegated to the nether world of somewhere past the 5th page of google results, unlikely to be seen on a whim ever again. I hope this means that my camera is going to come back to me. It feels lonely.


tommy said...

to quote Tupac: "fuck it/we ain't singin'/we bringin' drama/fuck you, and your mutherfuckin' momma."

For some reason, that seemed appropriate. I say we go Saturday night.

DarcyM said...

ah douchebags. Just don't write a bad review about 5 guys.

Lucia said...

wow. I am going to start naming names when I do reviews. cool!

Alex said...

I can't seem to locate "Juan" who is supposedly "holding" your camera.

I think we need to get Dog the Bounty Hunter on the case.

tommy said...

Can we settle on 1 nickname for Alex? A-dog is generic, and reminds me of Alex Rodriguez (ARod). You don't want that. Rosie is a bit overused. Blats (or Blatz) works best, mostly because I could never imagine Alex drinking one.