Joanna's Sweater

Another Sweater Thursday come and gone, another Sweater Thursday spent without my little red camera. That's another story though. This sweater was originally owned by Joanna. I think she gave it to me sometime during our 1st senior year of college when we lived across the hall from each, next to the Magic Mirror. I'm not sure exactly why she gave it up; I used to assume that she thought she was sending off to a better home, but recently I've come to question that assumption. Maybe she regrets giving it up; it is a nice cable knit outdoorsy number, and I know Joanna likes outdoorsiness. In fact, when I picture Joanna trudging to the public library through the Iowa outdoorsiness it is usually on snow shoes, wearing a sweater similar to this.

In other news, the professor for my 9:30 class this morning was wearing a sweater. I almost snagged a quick candid of him on my cell phone before class started but it's a very full classroom. And I still need him to let me in off the wait-list. I wasn't prepared to make a spectacle of myself. I'm pretty sure he'll be participating in Sweater Thursday again though; he looks pretty crunchy and he wore a sweater last Tuesday also. On the other hand, it was -5° F at 9:30 this morning so it's possible this could all change once we get into double digit temps.


Joanna said...

Ah, this sweater brings me back to riding the ski club bus, eating gummy candy and listening to what's the story morning glory on a borrowed discman. But it looks better on you.
I can't believe you lost your camera. You are such a mess. You take after your dad, don't you? That's so endearing.
Okay, what the hell. This is my third attempt at posting this.

DarcyM said...

Why do you look so angry?