I Am 2009, And So Can You!

I've recently completed my January 1st, 2009 blog entry à la Jobonga:

PS. A little late, but I have another challenge for you to ignore. You are going to make some resolutions and predictions for 2008 and you are going to set it to post one year from New Year’s Day on January 1, 2009. Then we can all wait a whole year for the big reveal. I plan to write mine as if my 2009 self is quizzing my 2008 self with questions like: Who is president? Where am I moving after graduating two weeks ago? Do I have a job? Do I have a chance in hell? What’s it like to be so awesome? This will be cool because if Huckabee is elected president and I shoot myself, I can creep everyone out by posting posthumously.

Needless to say it is both trenchant, insightful, and emotional; 2009 looks to be a jumentous year!

I do need to admit one thing. I know this was supposed to be written on New Years. Well it wasn't, deal with it. I'm going to go ahead and say that any time in January is acceptable (procrastinators take note, you still have time). The problem is that I've already let the events of the past 11 days influence my predictions: most notably I've had to dolefully accept that Kucinich, once again, will not win the Democratic nomination. My post has been adjusted appropriately.

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Joanna said...

Great adjectives in this post. I look forward to 2009. Thanks for playing.