Days of the Week

Because of the general agreement among attendees that Mexican Monday was a great success, Tuesday was quickly declared Thai(/Tie) Tuesday at the Barnebey house, shortly before midnight on January 14th. Coming up with our Mexican Menu was a fairly routine affair: guacamole, tortilla soup, stuffed poblanos, fish tacos, a punch bowl of margaritas, and coffee flan for desert. The only challenge there was making sure I made enough for all 12 of us. But Thai is a bit more opaque than Mexican. At least to me. I mean I like Thai, it's one of my top 5 food ethnicities, but I don't really understand it. So what do you make for Thai Tuesday? And more importantly, what's the correct drink for Thai Tuesday (note: Mai Tais is not a valid response)? These were all questions that were eventually answered by spring rolls, coconut curry soup, green curried chicken shrimp and pork satay, Dark and Stormy's with our homemade ginger soda served in coconuts (with umbrellas), and tapioca pudding for dessert. Oh, and Singha beer to fill up the boot.

Unfortunately, I'm leaving for Wisconsin in a matter of minutes. And that means that Welsh Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, French Friday, and Sloppy Saturday will have to wait for the next Barnebey Family gathering.

And, as should come as no surprise to anybody, Kermit over did it again. Now I have to get him onto a plane. hopefully he can hold it together until he makes it to Madison.

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