Saturday Night Socks

Today's Saturday Socks features several regular players: Rizzo "The Party" Rat, The Pickle Chair, and my feet. These are the essential players in any good Sock picture. Lately, Rizzo has been riding high (on top of the milk crate that I keep my boxers in) enjoying the downfall of Kermit, who has had his head in the laundry basket since last weekend. Here we are both in The Pickle, Rizzo is trying to take his jacket off, and I'm a little taken-a-back. I'm also wearing a sweater vest.

Currently topping the list of people I would like to sock are the people that seem to have decided that Friday Night Lights will be no more. I need to see when Riggins beats the shit out of the snotty christian kid, when Lyla decides that she likes sex more than Jesus, and Tyra. I just want more Tyra in my life.


tommy said...

Lyla Garrity makes everything in the world smell like flowers.

grace said...

after reading a few blogs, i see you enjoy a) socks, b) sweaters, and c) stuffed animals. funny stuff.

also, i'm experiencing flashbacks of sat night, and just wanted to apologize if i said/did anything rude to you. i blame it on flip cup.