Saturday Socks

Today's Saturday socks is brought to you by the letter 'J' (which is a bitch to play off of in Scrabulous), the words Aa and Pahoehoe, and the man who drove us home last night.

I bought these socks at the Puma store in Philadelphia to console me after coming to the depressing realization (again) that Puma doesn't make shoes that my feet fit into. They are a good consolation prize though. Rizzo likes them.

Who I would like to sock: the man responsible for planning the Thriller "tutorial" at Cafe Montmartre last night without including anyone who actually knew the dance. Luckily Fat Albert was there to show us how it was done.

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tommy said...

I wish Fat Albert could've done the Body-Shaking Move from the Thriller video. That would've made up for everything. That, and finding out if the waitress was cute underneath her zombie makeup.